My life as breeder began in 1987 when Ellen Larsen, Copenhagen sold me the sealpoint queen Lani's Chi-Li.
I entered mostly for fun Chi-Li for a show in Aarhus, Denmark. Honestly to say it gently, the judge did'nt quite like Chi-Li, she got no certificate, off cource this was a surprise to me, because in my eyes Chi-Li were the most beautyfull catin the World. Well, inspite of the report I had to try this once more, and just look, this time it turned out with a CAC for Chi-Li, now I really had to show again.
At my first show I had seen a bluepoint Birman, - and immediately the search for such one began. I found one in Sweden, Mabelic's Blue Bizou.  With these two females a tour arround Europe to participate in different shows began.
In the fall of 1988, I participated in the Amsterdam show, the show were the Red, Creme and Tortie variants were up for recognition. In one of the showcages was a wonderfull redpoint male, I coulden't believe my luck, he was for sale, and this opportunity was too good to pass, so Primarossa of Midway were brought back to Denmark in triumf.
The next year I had the same luck, at the show in Hannover now it was the tabby variants who were up for recognition. I got myself a sealtabbypoint, Cora-Terry's Daiquiri became member of the family, and I was lucky to arrange it so that Chi-Li went to IC.Las Perlas-sin Cepetto SBI n 21 to be mated. This year also Mannie's Babushka SBI g came from Norway to live by me.
In the meantime the chocolatepoint and lilacpoint began to appear at the shows, and my first Birmans in these variants were, Rocheros Bertha SBI b, and ─nghagens X-mondo SBI c.
It has been great pleasure and big experrience to be part of the Birman breeding , especially during these years of pioneer breeding for all the new colors, it has been a experience for life.
I would like to mention the first World Show in Fife, it took place in Munich, there were 1200 cats at the show. I had four cats entering the show, all of them were nominated. Lots of Danish cats won at this show, I had to wait until the World Show in 1993. This time it was in Denmark, and my import from G÷ran Eriksson in Sweden, wonderfull ─nghagens Purple Pride SBI c 21, took the World Winner Adualt male titel. See Purple's site here: WW.1993.
Through these many years of breeding, several kittens has been born, and several shows entered, but not a single one too much. Today I find great pleasure in knowing that DK*Kiru's cats, in Denmark and as well as abroad are doing well. Not only as show - and breeding cats but first of all as perfect pets.

There's DK*Kiru's cats in 14 different countries.

I hope the future will be just as gifted with experiences, and as full of joy as the past. I will keep on breeding Birmans, totally convinced that, in the next litter.... the very special Birma, you know the one we all are waiting for, will appear.

I hope you will enjoy your visit at my HP, all the sites has many photos, I will try to expose as many of the cats bred by me, pets or show they are all welcome, they have their own album, find these from the Uk start site.

Lani's Chi-Li SBI n. Min f°rste birma, og stammor til mit opdrŠt.

GIC: S*Mabelics Blue bIzou SBI a, den f°rste af mange importer.

EC. N*Mannie's Baboschka SBI g, my introduction to sbi g.

Purple Pride SBI c 21

DK*Kiru's Tiamo
SBI a 21

DK*Kiru's Lady Rosalie

ę Kiru's Hellig Birma 2002